GoDaddy Web Hosting Review : Should You Trust Them Or Not ?

GoDaddy Web Hosting Review : Should You Trust Them Or Not ?

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With more than 20 million customers and over 9000 employees, GoDaddy is one of the well-known web hosting providers in the Internet world.

In addition to domain and web hosting services, they also provide support for your online marketing, security, and website protection.

This company shows so many ads and sometimes you might question their authority but this company really offers amazing and extraordinary services with 24/7 customer support services for their customers.

But this article is not about popularity contest so here you will know not only about their pros of hosting services but also their cons.

This GoDaddy Webhosting Review will help you to clear all the confusion and problems related to their services. Also, I will be sharing some godaddy coupons to get discounts. You can also use these godaddy coupons to get discount.

GoDaddy Webhosting Overview

GoDaddy Hosting Pros

Excellent uptime of 99.97%

We all know how this uptime matters for our site.because a little drop in the uptime could cause a huge loss for your business so it is better to choose a web hosting that could offer a good uptime.

And the good news that Go Daddy offers excellent uptime with an average of 99.97%

Sometimes even their uptime is above 99.97% and sometimes it is less.

their downtime rate is 13 minutes which is not very bad. This 13 minute will hardly be able to cause your business loss.

So if you want to choose web hosting based on this Go Daddy Web hosting review of uptime then you should definitely choose these web hosting services.

High Loading Speed

You know that most sites have a good design, good content, and all the good things but they still don’t get traffics and conversion.

The reason is it’s SPEED.

If your website will not load fast then nobody will like to be on your site and your bounce rate will be very high and that will be not good for your business.

So good web hosting is very important to solve this problem. Now you could see the various data of Godaddy web hosting review and their loading speed.

Quick Response Time  – 0.68 s

Unimpressive Fully Loaded Time – 1.32 s

Reasonable Under Load – 0.69 s

This type of loading speed is good for your website and will not increase your bounce rate so you could go with this web hosting services.

Smooth App Installations

Everybody wants web hosting services which could help them to build their blog/website easily.

And GoDaddy Webhosting really stands on this parameter of building websites easily. With its easy drag and drop options, you could easily build your websites.

More than 125 applications could be installed easily with just one click.

GoDaddy offers various CMS ( Content Management System ) like WordPress, Drupal, and could get various tools like cPanel, Python, MySQL, and many versions of PHP.

From the beginner to the advance, everybody gets a chance to optimize their site and design their site beautifully with the GoDaddy web hosting services.

Good Pricing

Initially, GoDaddy was not offering affordable pricing to start with but at present, they are really offering affordable plans.

Not only for a beginner but for people who want more services at affordable prices, GoDaddy is the best web hosting service.

They offer various plans like Economy, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Maximum.

  • If you are a beginner then the Economy Plan will be best for you.
  • If you have a small business then the Deluxe Plan will be best for you.
  • If you have a big business and you manage a big customer base then you should go with Ultimate or Maximum Plan.

Customer Support Service

Whenever you buy anything offline or online, customer support is one of the deciding factors. So here in this case of purchasing web hosting services, you should definitely look for the best possible customer support.

If you are a beginner then this factor will play a great role because when you will start building your website then you will face some technical problems and you will need great customer support to solve this problem.

Despite being the largest domain provider, GoDaddy offers the best customer support. You could chat with their agent and within a few minutes, they could connect with you and solve your problem.

I will not say that they offer the best customer support but if you want better customer support at affordable prices then GoDaddy web hosting will be great for you.

GoDaddy Webhosting Cons

We all know that a coin has always two sides so this GoDaddy has also some cons.

Initial offerings of this GoDaddy are quite good but they have many Upsells offers which will be shown during your purchasing time.

And most importantly their renewal price also comes and notifies you which often irritates the customer.

Previously GoDaddy started as a Domain provider company but as time passes they try to go into various fields such as online marketing, email hosting, site builder, etc.

So that’s why they are one of the biggest hosting providers in the world. This causes some issues regarding customer support.

Here let’s discuss some of the cons of GoDaddy Web hosting.


This is one of the cons of the GoDaddy web hosting provider because this often increases the overall price of your plan.

They also try to sell you some services like website backups which could increase your basic plan price instantly.

Office 365, SSL certificates, and Essential Website Security like upsells are also sold by them.

So whenever you purchase any plan from GoDaddy, please look up all the fields carefully otherwise you would have to pay more price.

Higher Renewal Rates

The High Renewal rate is also a problem with GoDaddy Webhosting.

Suppose you purchase the basic Economy Plan of them so after 1 year if you want to renew that plan then you will have to pay almost double to triple the initial price.

After renewal, you will get the same features and no new feature will be provided.

No Migration Service

Yes, GoDaddy doesn’t provide a migration service.

So if you have a site with other hosting services and you want it with GoDaddy then they will not provide you this service.

A lot of technical knowledge and expertise will be needed if you will want to migrate your website.

So this is also a major problem of GoDaddy Webhosting.

Some more benefits and features

  • GoDaddy web hosting providers create automatically daily backups for your websites.
  • You will be able to access more than thousands of plugins and themes of WordPress for FREE.
  • For the 1st year, you will get a free domain and after that, you will have to pay money.
  • You will also get a FREE Email account.
  • Your site will always be updated with the new features with GoDaddy services.
  • GoDaddy also offers windows-based hosting.
  • Your site will always be protected from malware because the GoDaddy services provider will always scan your website.
  • You will get a dashboard experience of Cpanel.
  • They offer fast account activation.
  • Your Bandwidth will not be limited. It means the traffic which you will get on your site will not be limited.

How much does GoDaddy’s web hosting cost?

  • Economy Plan: Their Economy Plan is $ 2.49/mo and with this plan, you could host a single website. You will get 100GB of space.No bandwidth limitations.
  • Deluxe Plan: Their Deluxe Plan is $4.99/mo and with this plan, you could host unlimited websites. You will get 25 MySQL databases. You will get 512 RAM  and a single CPU core.
  • Ultimate Plan: Their Ultimate Plan is $7.99/mo and with this plan, you could host unlimited sites. You will get 1Gb Of RAM and  2 CPU cores. You will also get an SSL certificate for 1 year.
  • Maximum Plan: Their Maximum Plan is $14.99/mo and you will also get 2GB of RAM and a free SSL.

You will get payment options through your credit card , debit cards and gift options.It means you could easily purchase their hosting without any hastle.

Offers Manual installation as well as Auto-Installation for WordPress wordpress logo

With GoDaddy web hosting, you will get the features of auto-installation of WordPress. It means through one click you will be able to build your WordPress sites.

But some people also want to design their website manually so this GoDaddy web hosting will also provide great support during your website building process.

Their technical expert’s people will always be ready to help you to build your website. You will get so many tutorials video by their experts to complete your website building process manually.

There is also a feature of Staging Area. It means you could test your website on your own without showing it to the world which will definitely help you to customize your website more easily and effectively.

So you could go with this web hosting services after knowing this feature of GoDaddy webhosting review.


Again the question is same ” Should you trust them or not ? ”

YES, you should definetely go with this web hosting.

After reading this complete GoDaddy Webhosting Review  , you have understood that their are many pros of this GoDaddy webhosting  and their are only few cons.

Whether you are a beginneer or a professional, GoDaddy offers various best services and plans which could be best for everyone in affordable prices.

The cons of Godaddy will be faced by you with other web hosting too.

Your doubt with GoDaddy webhosting has been solved after reading this Godaddy Web hosting review and now you could go with their services too.

Let’s go with GoDaddy and make yourself and your business grow.


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